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  1. Professional role in universal design and accessibility

Building cooperation based on universal design:

Professional technical assistance of universal design and projects regarding accessibility

We participate in projects, represent the universal design aspects, provide consultation and assistance in order to access places for everyone  working in close cooperation with the rehabilitation engineer.

Built environment evaluations, executing audits

In case the conditions of the place under evaluation makes it possible we always go to the premise with disabled professionals. Our professionals are able to measure, take photos and videos, and the engineers are authorized to provide evaluation and make manuals. The participation of disabled professionals is not only important to help evaluations but they provide first insight on the project for the customer. These tests ensure that any mistake or problem  is found regarding the construction or installation drawings.

Analyzing accessibility projects and plans

We provide consultancy and written expert’s report  related to installation drawings and constructions. If necessary we involve further professionals in order to provide complete recommendations on buildings, public spaces and green areas.


Testing  universal design projects by disabled users

Upon request we execute tests and provide photo and video evidence about the results. Our  testers are disabled on different levels and execute the tests in cooperation with engineers in order to provide complete evaluation. (mostly public transport vehicles, infrastructure, supporting technologies)


Participation in education

We liaise  and cooperate with higher education establishments related to engineering activities. We provide consultancy and hold presentations to provide information about universal design.



Sensitivity training


Our training sessions involve exchange of expertise, discussions and assessments also. We always compile training and educational handouts based on the requirements of the customer. We prefer to hold training sessions in small groups, 10-20 participant per group in order to keep everyone involved. The length of the training depends on age: for children 1 to 4 hours, for adult 3-8 hours.


  1. Protection of rights

Equity for people with disabilities and protecting their and their family’s rights

We offer help for people with disabilities and for their family in order to ensure the smoother adaptation to the new situation, help with the daily routine or in any administrative issue.


In case our client requires we provide assistance with the help of  people with disabilities who are able to provide consultancy and support on how to adapt to the altered conditions, to accept the new situation and provide practical advise on everyday life challenges.

Information communication technology – training sessions

The latest technical improvements can be useful for people with disabilities too.

There are many devices which enable persons with visual impairment, hand injury or  other physical disabilities to use modern technology.

In order to facilitate the use of these devices we provide training for people with disabilities.